Easyboy Clutch Assist Installation

Note: Using these instructions I was able to install the Easyboy Clutch Assist in both my stock Harley Davidson 5-speed transmission and in my RevTech 6 speed tranny.

If you do a lot of in-town riding you may find yourself using your clutch ALOT. If your bike is like mine "was" at times you get off and feel like your left forearm is getting one hell of a work out. If so the "Easy Boy" Lite Clutch by White Brothers is what you need.

White Brothers claim that this product reduces the manual effort required to pull the clutch in by 40%. I am not sure what the percentage of improvement was, but I do know that it made the clutch on my 1992 Heritage Softtail much easier to pull.

Installation of the product was very easy and only took about 45 minutes to complete. Here is how it went:

First I removed the exhaust system so that I would have easier access to the transmission cover.

I then drained the transmission fluid and removed the transmission cover.

I disconnected the clutch cable from the coupling and removed the clip from the ball/ramp mechanism. (Watch out here, there are three(3) ball bearings behind the ramp mechanism and if you aren't careful they will go rolling around the garage floor.)

Next I unscrewed the clutch cable from the transmission cover and removed the small O-ring.

Because I am not running the stock clutch cable I had to use a bench grinder to grind down the "Easy Boy" a bit to fit my cable end, if you have to do this be careful not to take off to much.

The "Easy Boy" Lite Clutch then installs right on the ramp piece with just a nut and bolt. Be sure that the bolt is tight. The instructions suggest about 10 - 12 ft lbs.

There is a spacer that comes with the kit that goes on the end of the clutch cable. Once the spacer is on the O-ring is replaced and the clutch cable can be screwed back into the transmission cover.

Then hook the clutch cable back into the coupler and attach the coupler to the "Easy Boy" Lite Clutch piece which is now bolted to the ramp mechanism. Reinstall the 3 ball bearings and the ramp mechanism and replace the clip.

Here is a picture of what it looks like installed:
Easy Boy Clutch Assist from White Brothers

Replace the transmission cover. Make sure you replace the transmission cover gasket, also. I suggest using a new one.

Then refill the transmission oil to the correct level.

Replace your exhaust system and adjust the clutch as necessary. Mine only needed a slight adjustment.

I purchased the "Easy Boy" Lite Clutch from Hampton Roads HD in Newport News. Total cost including the "Easy Boy" Lite Clutch Kit, Transmission Oil, and Transmission Cover Gasket was about $30.

The difference was well worth the time and money.

The 'EasyBoy' Lite Clutch is available at J & P Cycles. Search for part number 620-745.

Free Catalogs at www.jpcycles.com

Take Care - Ride FREE