Bad As Hell Fork Cap - A Finishing Touch

Before heading to Daytona this year I had to pull the wheels off the scoot to replace the tires. I had read about the Bad As Hell Fork Cap over at Bandit's BikerNet and thought I would give it a try.

I dropped the guys over at Bad As Hell a note to ask them a question about the fit for my bike and whether or not it would ship in time. See I have a bad habit of trying to get the bike ready for a trip at the last minute. I recieved a response from them within an hour and ordered the cap.

Stock fork cap on my Heritage

The Bad As Hell Fork Cap is available in 2 models. The FC1 for 2000 and Up HD models with a 1" axle, and the FC2 for 86-Present HD models with a 3/4" axle (The Cap will not fit the V-Rod or the Deuce).

The Bad As Hell Fork Caps are made of 7075 Billet Aluminum and include Grade 8 hardware for installation. The caps are available in Chrome, RAW, and Powder Coated Black. Since I powder coated my fork lowers black, I ordered the black caps.

Bad As Hell Fork Cap

I recieved the fork caps from the guys at Bad As Hell in just a couple of days, as promised. The black powder coated finish looked nice and installation was a breeze.

Stock Fork Cap and Bad As Hell Fork Cap

As you can see from the picture above the Bad As Hell Fork Cap is a much more substantial part than the stock cap. I have broken one of the stock caps in the past, not paying attention to what I was doing and not torqueing the bolts down evenly (That sucked). From the feel of this part I am almost sure that you would not have to worry about having that problem.

Installing the Bad As Hell Fork Cap

Installing the the Bad As Hell Fork Cap is simple and it is installed the same way the stock cap is installed. You do not have to remove the wheel or axle to install the cap - the article over at Bandit's gives you a good step-by-step on installing the cap without removing the front wheel. Since I had a new tire put on my wheel was already off. I followed the instructions in my service manual (if you do not have a service manual for your scoot - GET ONE!) for installing the new wheel and replaced the stock cap with the Bad As Hell Fork Cap.

Bad As Hell Fork Cap Installed

The hardware for the Bad As Hell fork cap uses a 7/16" 12 point socket. Just add a drop or 2 of Blue Loctite to the nuts (make sure the studs on the fork is clean or the Loctite will be useless) and torque the bolts down evenly to about 10-12lbs.

The Bad As Hell Fork Cap looks good on the bike and really finishes off the front forks.

If you are interested in a Bad As Hell Fork Cap for your scoot visit the guys over at Bad As Hell. Let them know Hersey sent you.

More Info on the Bad As Hell Fork Cap

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